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Venue Hire for Bands

Venue Hire Fee

The venue fee of $250.00 (inclusive of GST) is required to secure your selected date. This fee covers our in-house PA and Sound person. Should you decide to cancel your booking, this fee is non-refundable.

Performers and their associates, will be liable for any damage incurred to our sound gear and premises.

Rates and conditions are subject to change prior to confirmed booking. Further information about doing a performance at Nivara Lounge will be made available upon confirmation of your booking.


We are 110 legal capacity in total, 40-50 seated


2   x JBL SRX835 - 3 way mid high speaker

1   x JBL SRX818 - single 18" subwoofer

1   x Digital mixer - Soundcraft UI24

3   x Shure SM58 Vocal microphone

3   x Shure SM57 Instrument microphone

6   x K&M tall mic stand

1   x Single upright Mic Stand Vocal

2   x JBL EON610 - 10" and horn stage monitor

12 x mic cables

1   x Shure Beta52A - kick drum microphone

1   x Double DI box (the desk also has built in DI capabilities)

 1  x 4 DI Box Outlet

There are two LED coloured cans, one either side of stage that revolve through colours slowly

(no light control desk, but colours can be changed, slow revolving is cool), also one main LED spot light facing centre stage, a chandelier above the piano, a cool retro lamp that suits the setting, some LED strip lights one red, one orange on the monitors. Feel free to bring any other lighting effects if you want too.



We do have some other misc bits and pieces (eg; jug cords, power cords, junction boxes, guitar leads) available that help with stage production, but what is above works fantastic for our venue, we have had all types of bands use it and up to 10 people on stage at once.


We also have a classic 1955 upright tuned piano on stage if it is needed.

PA Specifications
Age Restrictions

All Ages Shows - Patrons who are under 18 must be accompanied by a Parent or Legal guardian. This is a licensed venue and valid ID will be required. Valid forms of ID are: any current passport, a current New Zealand driver's licence or a HNZ 18+ card. If you do not have ID you will be refused entry.

What we need from you, for your Show


We encourage artists to sell tickets online with an online ticket agency (eg. Under The Radar, Eventfinda) as this counts as additional promotion, through email subscriptions, websites and social media. When setting a price, please be conscious of any additional booking fees and how this cost might effect door sales.
FOR EXAMPLE: If pre-sales are $10 + $3 BF then your door sales need to be equal to or less than the pre-sale price, otherwise this online price difference can confuse or deter punters.
Also, digital ticketing gives you a good indication on how many people are coming to your event.

Be sure to follow the sites instructions on what to bring on the event night.


Make sure you link the ticket site into your FB event!


Door Entry

Please supply a float on the night and a door person (we can help find a door person for you!)


Promotional Material

- Please make an event on FB and make Nivara Lounge a host.

- On your posters please add Doors Open at 6pm and Show time from 8.30pm

- Add Nivara Lounge Street Address: Basement 266  Victoria Street, Hamilton 3204

- Also please send us as an attachment in an email a poster file that is PDF min A4 300dpi in size, for us to use on our Social Media Pages and Website and we will print an A0 sized poster for hanging in Nivara Lounge. 

- Also please send us 10 x A3 posters for us to hang around the venue., and on our sign board on the day of your gig here.

- If you are not using phantom posters and do your own poster run, please do not post on the wel power boxes, post wisely.




- Local Newspaper ask what they need from you to get an article or interview for your band.

- Also do not forget to use all the other social media platforms to promote your band!



Show Times

- Most evening shows start no sooner than 8.30pm but usually 9pm and must end no later than 12am.

- On posters It is good to put your show start time 1 hour before you actually start to try and get the punters in on time.  

- If you can send 10x A3 Posters of your gig, we can happily put them up around the venue. Our address is on Nivara Lounge emails.



Load In                 from 5pm (unless agreed differently)

Soundchecks        approx. 6pm

Load Out              No later than 12.30am

Bar Closes            Normally at 12am, but has a later licence than that if we are busy.



There is Free Parking on street parking in the CDB for up to two hours. Please do not park in front the bollards as it is a driveway. Parking is free in the CBD after 8 pm.


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